About us

We are a new collective with fresh ideas and action plans.

our story

The teen vaping epidemic of 2019 brought together an interdisciplinary group of stakeholders from the New Trier Township to create educational and prevention opportunities. We welcome community members regardless of their age, gender, race, or income level, to join us in accomplishing our goals.

our mission

Our goal is not to shame those who use substances legally. Our goal is to help our community foster healthy adolescent relationships; support prevention of alcohol, drug use and other risky behaviors; and provide programming to support education towards these goals.

our vision

We strive to build and sustain a safe and drug-free community in which our youth feel protected, confident, and empowered to make healthy choices. We want to transform the environment around our youth so that their mental health needs are supported and the drug-free choice is the easy choice.

Our leadership

The North Shore Coalition welcomes voices from around the township, at any capacity they can volunteer! Our core team works hard to organize and moderate meetings, create content, plan events, and make this coalition an available and open space for anyone and everyone to call their own!

Contact Stephanie Hoover at shoover@peerservices.org

Erin Tegge
Program Manager
PEER Services, Inc.
Kristine Hummel
Student Assistance Program Coordinator
New Trier Township High School
Megan Shipp
Program Coordinator
Youth Services
Open Position
Open Position
Stephanie Hoover
Coalition Coordinator
PEER Services, Inc.
Terri Jackson
Assistant Principal for Student Services
Loyola Academy

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